Government Agencies

ACT is the national association of organizations dedicated to improving communities through planting and caring for trees. In addition to its nonprofit members, ACT also welcomes associate members who are not 501c3 entities. Associate members include government agencies that are committed to urban and community tree planting, conservation, public education and the promotion of science-based practices for growing healthy urban forests.

In addition to opportunities for networking, exchanging best practices and new ideas, connecting to a broad peer netowrk, and promoting a common national agenda for trees, ACT associate members receive:

  • Updates about policy, research, and funding
  • Weekly e-newsletters
  • Promotion of your organization on the national website
  • Access to monthly webcasts

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Spread the Word in Your Community
From coast to coast, citizens are eager to take action on environmental issues and have an impact in their own communities. Inspired individuals and grassroots groups are working to make their towns greener, cleaner, and healthier. While ACT’s membership spans more than 40 states, there are still people and organizations working on urban forestry locally who aren’t connected to our network of resources.

Often local officials are the first point of contact for civic-minded citizens who want the economic, social, and health benefits of urban forests in their communities. By partnering with ACT, you can provide citizens with timely and accurate information, tools, and resources to help foster public stewardship.

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