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Alliance for Community Trees builds the capacity of its members to plant, care, and advocate for trees in America’s communities. Join with us and add your voice to this powerful national movement.

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Contact Dana at 402-473-9554 or to join the alliance.

With hundreds of local member organizations in the United States and Canada, ACTrees engages volunteers to take action to improve the environment where over 93% of people live—in urban areas. ACTrees member organizations have planted and cared for 15 million trees in cities with help from 5 million volunteers.

Benefits of Membership

    • A national voice for the value of trees in our communities.  ACTrees is the only national organization representing the united voice of hundreds of community tree-planting organizations.
    • National NeighborWoods® Month. Connect with the 10th Anniversary of this important public awareness campaign and call to action.
    • Access to scholarships and grants.  In 2014, ACTrees distributed over $775,000 to ACTrees member organizations.
  • Online resources and research.  Get the tools to give your organization a boost in carrying out its mission.
  • Networking.  ACTrees Annual Member Meeting and Public Policy Summit increase your connection to environmental, political, and community leaders.
  • Education and training.  Gain access to the latest best practices from across the U.S. through free webcasts, training sessions, and seminars.
  • ACTrees member newsletters.  The latest policy, research, green jobs, and grant information—along with local and national tree news—delivered electronically.

Become a Member

Nonprofit Organization

The most innovative grassroots tree organizations gather inspiration and best practices from their colleagues as part of ACTrees’ National Network.


Municipal members are empowered with tools and resources to make the case for urban trees to other stakeholders in their cities.

Urban Forest Council

Statewide Urban Forest Councils stay current on national research, news, and policy through their membership in ACTrees.

Member Testimonials

“As always, ACTrees is right on the ball.”

– Rene Lafflam, Executive Director, RNeighbors

“I am loving what a great job you and the staff are doing with ACTrees, and especially NeighborWoods. What a difference. Thank you!!!”

– Andy Lipkis, President, TreePeople

“KIB is really pleased with the amazing amount of support we receive from ACTrees.”

– Andrew Hart, Former Director of Urban Forestry, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful