Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees) was incorporated in 1993 as a 501c(3) nonprofit and problem-solving center for leaders of community-based urban forestry groups. Its founders shared a vision of healthy, functioning urban ecosystems nurtured by a broad base of community stewards.

Today, ACTrees is a growing coalition of over 200 organizations involved in grassroots community greening, public education, policy making, and other activities supporting better urban forest stewardship. Download our 2014 brochure to learn more about Alliance for Community Trees: Trees are Community.

ACTrees Timeline

1993 – ACTrees is founded by leaders of local tree organizations to establish a national voice for urban and community forestry.

2000-2005– ACTrees grows its membership to engage a broad spectrum of organizations and communities.  By 2005, ACTrees counts over 100 organizations in states across the country as part of its national network.

2005– ACTrees partners with Home Depot Foundation to launch NeighborWoods® programs. ACTrees expands its communications, develops training and workshop series, offers major grants including the NeighborWoods® Grants for tree planting with affordable housing partners, and launches the National NeighborWoods® Month campaign. ACTrees will provide over $2 million in technical and financial support to its member organizations through these programs over the next five years.

2009– ACTrees holds its first annual Policy Summit in Washington, DC, to educate lawmakers on the benefits of trees and green infrastructure.

2012 – The nonprofit organization TreeLink, its website, and its iTreeBank program become part of ACTrees, strengthening the urban and community forestry field and increasing resources for our members.

2013 – ACTrees moves its offices to Washington, DC, welcoming new staff and services for its member organizations, and also launches the Community GrovesSM program including the the Community GrovesSM Guidebook to improve the health and livability of neighborhoods and increase access to fresh, nutritious food by planting fruit and nut trees.