ACT members include the most innovative nonprofit tree conservation
organization in the country. With membership comes opportunities for
professional development within a dynamic network of nonprofit leaders.
Through sharing program models and mentoring relationships, ACT members
strengthen community tree organizations. In addition to professional
development and networking opportunities, active members are eligible
to receive scholarship and travel subsidies to attend ACT meetings and
professional conferences. ACT members are provided with electronic
policy and research updates, support and a voice in national advocacy
for urban forests. Together, we forge national policy. Members also
receive grant information, and are eligible to apply for a national
NeighborWoods Grant.

joinnow.pngYour annual membership is the main way in which you renew your commitment to a national network of urban and community tree planting, conservation, and education. By joining ACT today you help to build on current successes. You also gain access to a wealth of resources that can save you time and money. For less than 28 cents per day, you’ll stay informed about the complex world of urban and community forestry, be it research, legislation, or education.

There has never been a more exciting time to be in urban forestry. Please consider joining or renewing at the level appropriate for your organization today.

ACT serves as a collective voice in urban forestry. In federal, state, and local governments, ACT brings the experiences, stories, and successes of local members, backed by science, to policy decision makers.

Staying current is more important than ever. ACT offers continuing education programs. The showcase of ACT’s education efforts is our NeighborWoods Academy™. In 2005, the Academy focused on research about the social benefits of trees and building healthy communities through urban forestry projects focused on community development.

Standards of Excellence
ACT’s Leadership Training Seminar is raising the visibility of the forestry profession throughout the country. Government officials, corporate partners, and the public are seeking out community leaders who can provide accurate information and project knowledge.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of membership in ACT is that it gives members unparalleled opportunities for networking with other urban and community forestry professionals from around the country. ACT’s local meetings, national conventions, online membership directories, and email discussion lists are perfect venues for giving advice, making new contacts, and sharing ideas.

Public Outreach
ACT’s public outreach efforts continue to successfully spread the positive forestry message. Local media highlights ways in which ACT members impact local needs, and national media expands on the benefits of healthy communities. ACT’s opinions on urban and community forestry and related issues have been sought by news organizations and natural resource publications.