ACTrees is grateful to its sponsors–corporate, foundation, and government partners–who provide much-needed financial support to help us achieve our mission.

This diverse network of sponsors works directly with ACTrees to deepen our impact around the country. Through their financial support, the following organizations have demonstrated their commitment to improving America’s communities–one tree at a time.

Want to Become a Sponsor?

Align your brand with well-respected grassroots nonprofits that are getting on-the-ground results in all U.S. major markets. Get involved with ACTrees:

  • Event Sponsorships. Support tree planting or other campaigns on the local, regional or national level. Join other sponsors or develop a campaign built around your company’s needs.
  • National NeighborWoods® Month. Inspire volunteers to plant thousands of trees at hundreds of community service events across the country. A high-impact way to connect your business with the environment and community.
  • Product Sponsor. Help ACTrees support its member organizations in markets across the country by providing donations of products and goods, or offering discounts on items our members use every day in their work with tree planting and tree care.
  • Corporate Leadership Council. Connect with others committed to trees and urban forestry. The Corporate Leadership Council provides senior corporate leaders an opportunity to meet their peers from other industry segments that are also committed to environmental stewardship.
  • Support ACTrees’ Mission. Support ACTrees’ work to promote the growth of community forests across the country. Join our cause while also introducing your business to potential customers. To develop a custom sponsorship package or explore other ways to support our mission, contact us at 202-291-TREE (8733) or Development@ACTrees.org.

2014 National NeighborWoods® Month Sponsors

National Sponsors

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To find out how you can partner with ACTrees, contact ACTrees Development office at 202-291-TREE (8733) or Development@ACTrees.org.