Americans Urgently Want Action on Energy Independence and Global Warming

Washington, DC (April 17, 2007)- A new poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and the Center for American Progress found that a majority of Americans are demanding that their government take immediate action to tackle global warming and achieve energy independence, and they are asking for clean and alternative energies.

The poll says that “only 27 percent of people feel that our energy policy is headed in the right direction, while 65 percent say our energy policy is seriously off on the wrong track.”
Some of the poll’s most important findings are that:
* 76% believe the effects of global warming are apparent now;
* 60% want immediate action on global warming;
* 79% believe that shifting to new, alternative energy production will help America’s economy and create jobs;
* 71% favor the expansion of clean alternative fuels rather than expansion of oil and coal production; and
* 57% believe raising car and truck mileage standards will save, not cost, people money.
For more information, read the Survey Results and Survey Research.
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