Clinton Global Warming Amendment Approved by Senate Armed Services Committee

Washington, DC (May 25, 2007)- The Senate Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 includes a provision to require the Department of Defense to consider the national security risks posed by global warming in the National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy and Quadrennial Defense Review. Senator Clinton (D-NY) offered the provision as an amendment to the bill during committee markup May 24, and it was approved by a 19-6 vote.

“Global warming poses many risks, and national security is part of the equation,” said Senator Clinton. “We need to start considering how global warming will impact our national security interests, and my amendment will help to begin that process at the Department of Defense.”
The Clinton amendment implements many of the recommendations of a report authored by eleven retired three and four-star admirals and generals and released by the CNA Corporation in April.
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