Director of National Intelligence Backs Study of Impact of Warming

Washington, DC (May 12, 2007)- In a letter to the House Intelligence Committee, the Director of National Intelligence, Michael McConnell, supported the National Intelligence Council (NIC) assessing the national security implications of global climate change.

“I’m very pleased that Director McConnell shares my concerns and those of the majority of House members that the U.S. Intelligence Community has to be prepared to deal with the national security implications of global warming,” said Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA).
In his letter to the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. McConnell said that intelligence analysts would not do primary scientific research about climate change, but would instead rely on analyses by other government agencies for global warming projections.
Even as Congress was debating whether to order a national intelligence estimate, intelligence agencies had already planned to include a discussion of global warming in a report next year on the main security challenges facing the United States through 2025.
The proposed national intelligence estimate would project the impact of global warming over the next three decades, examining political, social, economic and agricultural risks.
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