Energy Bill Would Support Urban Trees

Washington, DC (June 18, 2007)- ACT is working with Congresswoman Matsui (D-CA) to create a program in the Department of Energy (DOE) to help utilities and nonprofit organizations plant shade trees for energy efficiency. Modeled after Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s successful partnership with Sacramento Tree Foundation, Rep. Matsui’s bill would provide focused support from DOE to plant trees in locations where direct energy savings can be achieved.

We need your help to gather support for this bill. If your representative serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we want to talk to you. The deadline for reaching out to this committee varies depending on how quickly they conclude their business, but ranges between June 22 and June 29.
Please contact Jared Liu at 301-220-3279 to learn how you can help.
For all advocates
Now is a great time to setup a local meeting with your House and Senate members for the Independence Day recess (7/2-7/6). Talk to them about how urban shade trees can be used to reduce energy demand.
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