GAO: US DOE Energy R&D Insufficient to Deal with Climate Change

Washington, DC (February 28, 2007)- In his February 28 testimony before the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, House Committee on Appropriations, Jim Wells, US Government Accountability Office (GAO) Director of Natural Resources and Environment said, “In the wake of increasing energy costs with the attendant threat to national security and the growing recognition that fossil fuel consumption is contributing to global climate change, the nation is once again assessing how best to stimulate the deployment of advanced energy technologies. However, it is unlikely that DOE’s current level of R&D funding or the nation’s current energy policies will be sufficient to deploy advanced energy technologies in the next 25 years.”

“Without sustained high energy prices or concerted, high-profile federal government leadership, U.S. consumers are unlikely to change their energy-use patterns, and the United States will continue to rely upon its current energy portfolio. Specifically, government leadership is needed to overcome technological and market barriers to deploying advanced energy technologies that would reduce the nation’s vulnerability to oil supply disruptions and adverse environmental effects of burning fossil fuels.”
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