GM Pledges to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 40 Percent

Detroit (March 22, 2007)- General Motors Corporation announced it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its domestic plants 40 percent by 2010. This pledge is a result of GM’s voluntary partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders Program in which industry representatives and the government develop long-term comprehensive climate change strategies.

GM says the reductions will be achieved by improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing the use of renewable resources, including landfill gas and solar power. To date, the automaker has already reduced U.S. facility emissions by 25 percent since 2000.
Elizabeth A. Lowery, GM Vice President, Environment and Energy, said “Our partnership with the EPA’s Climate Leaders program is an excellent example of how government and industry together can encourage innovation and strong, forward-thinking action to help reduce environmental impact.”
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