Green Affordable Housing Bill Introduced in Congress

Washington, DC (March 1, 2007)- Reps. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), John Lewis (D-Ga.), Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), and Wayne Gilchrest (R-Md.) introduced the High Performance Buildings Act of 2007. The bill encourages the development of affordable housing that is energy efficient, healthier, and environmentally sustainable over time.

Specifically, the bill would require that communities’ annual consolidated plans to HUD include strategies for sustainable development. (HUD approval of plans is required for states and cities to receive federal housing and community development funds). The bill would also create a program at HUD to provide resources to nonprofit organizations for the development of green affordable housing in low-income communities. Finally, the bill would establish a Sustainable Building Institute at the National Science Foundation to research indoor environmental quality and innovative energy-saving technologies.
National organizations endorsing the bill include the Enterprise, American Public Health Association, Global Green USA, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the National Center for Healthy Housing and the National Housing Conference.
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