Maryland Governor Signs Greenhouse Gas Agreement

Annapolis, MD (April 20, 2007)- Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley announced two initiatives that address global warming and the impacts of sea level rise in Maryland. He signed the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and issued an Executive Order creating the Maryland Commission on Climate Change.

Maryland became the 10th state to join the Northeast regional climate change and energy efficiency program, the first cap-and-trade program to control carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Maryland’s participation in RGGI will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the state’s electrical generators by roughly 10 percent from current levels by 2019 through the most cost-effective means.
The Maryland Climate Change Commission will be charged to develop an action plan to address the drivers and causes of climate change and to prepare for the likely consequences and impacts of climate change to Maryland.
A study issued earlier this year by the University of Maryland showed that power bills for the typical Maryland customer will drop about $22 by 2010 if the state joins RGGI. According to the study, power generating companies will see their profits drop about 12 percent by 2025 as coal-fired plants are replaced by cleaner-burning but more expensive natural gas- and oil-fired power plants.
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