Mayor Will Wynn Announces Bold Steps for City of Austin to Fight Climate Change

Austin, TX (February 7, 2007)- Mayor Will Wynn announced a major plan that would make the city of Austin the nation’s leader in the fight against greenhouse gases. Specifically, he stressed the importance of individual efforts to fight global warming at a local level. The plan will go before the city council next week for approval.

“Ultimately, the problem is generated locally, by each of us in this room, as consumers, day in and day out, of energy, so we should do our part locally to solve the problem,” Wynn said.
His unprecedented plan, which sets ambitious goals across city sectors, will attempt to:
* Power 100 percent of city facilities with renewable energy by 2012.
* Make the entire city fleet carbon neutral by 2020.
* Require Austin Energy to meet 30 percent of all energy needs through renewable resources by 2020 and to achieve carbon neutrality on any new generation units.
* Make all new single-family homes zero net-energy capable by 2015.
* Increase energy efficiency in all other new construction by 75 percent by 2015.
* Require existing homes to be upgraded to be more energy efficient before they can be sold.
* Develop a locally based “carbon footprint calculator” to let Austinites figure out how much energy they are using daily.
* Promote carbon neutrality among visitors by allowing them to buy offset credits for the energy they used during their visit to Austin
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