New York City to Cut Greenhouse Gases 30% by 2030

New York (November 28, 2007)- The New York City Council passed a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction bill that puts into law carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions goals that were laid out in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sustainability plan last April. The Climate Protection Act requires that CO2 from city government buildings and vehicles be cut 30 percent from current levels by 2017. Moreover, it requires that carbon emissions from the entire city, including privately owned buildings, be reduced by 30 percent by the year 2030.

City Environmental Protection Committee Chair James Gennaro said, “The landmark New York City Climate Protection Act will not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions in our city, it will also foster awareness of climate-change issues and encourage people to become part of this movement to protect our environment. It is essential that we teach our children and other members of our population how to guard the environment in which they live, as well as to protect their health.”
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