New York State Pursues Clean Energy Goals

Albany, NY (April 24, 2007)- New York Lt. Governor David Paterson will tour the state this week to promote the government’s new clean energy agenda. He will inspect current renewable energy facilities and report on how this industry can be expanded. Last week, Governor Eliot Spitzer announced a comprehensive plan for reducing energy costs and curbing pollution in New York State.

The plan focuses on energy efficiency, conservation, and investment in renewable energy sources as the keys to achieving economic and environmental goals. “Nowhere is the need for a creative new approach more apparent than in our energy sector,” Spitzer said. “We have some of the highest electricity costs in the nation and our thinking on energy policy is as outmoded as our aging power plants. But we can make real progress toward economic and environmental goals with a comprehensive program that focuses on energy efficiency and conservation, and investment in new technology,” the governor said.
Under the new plan, New York State will reduce electricity use by 15 percent from forecasted levels by the year 2015 through new energy efficiency programs in industry and government. The state government will create new appliance efficiency standards and set more rigorous energy building codes.
Governor Spitzer proposes to invest $295 million for renewable energy projects throughout the state. He will propose power plant siting legislation that creates an expedited review process for new wind power projects, re-powering projects that reduce emissions, and other power plants that have very low levels of carbon dioxide emissions.
The overall plan was met with approval from the energy industry and environmental organizations.
Chairman and CEO of KeySpan Energy Corp., Robert Catell said, “As the lead policy maker for New York, Governor Spitzer is correctly addressing a critical issue. We must use less energy. And the energy/utility industry, which maintains relationships with New York’s consumers, must be part of the solution.”
Air and Energy Program Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Ashok Gupta, said, “Energy efficiency is the key to meeting our energy needs, lowering consumer bills, making New York more competitive and reducing global warming pollution. Governor Spitzer’s commitment to energy efficiency will make New York the benchmark against which all other states will be measured.”
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