Senate Energy Package Headed to the Floor

Washington, DC (May 2, 2007)- The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee reported out S.1115 a bipartisan bill on efficiency, renewable fuels, and research on carbon sequestration on a 20-3 vote. The bill which is headed to the Senate floor is drawn from the text of bills: S. 731, S.962, S. 987, and S. 1115 and has been renumbered S.1419. Several amendments on efficiency standards, research, and demonstration are included in the bill.

Senator Bingaman (D-NM) Chairman of the committee said, “This legislation is a big step forward in three areas key to America’s energy future. It will help dramatically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by requiring the more efficient use of energy and by putting a much greater emphasis on the use of renewable, homegrown fuels.”
For more information, visit the Senate Energy and Natural Resources.