The Business Case for Green Power Markets

By Craig Hanson and Diana Profir
Washington, DC (August 20, 2007)- There are many benefits motivating businesses in Europe to switch to renewable energy. The World Resources Institute explores those reasons in further detail, making the case to businesses, why green power markets make sense.

The World Resources Institute’s experience working with a number of leading corporations indicates that firms are switching to renewable energy to obtain one or more of the following business benefits:
* Lower or stabilized energy costs. In some situations, using renewable energy can directly lower corporate energy costs or stabilize corporate energy prices.
* Reduced emissions. Using renewable energy can help companies reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and other airborne pollutants that pose regulatory and fi nancial risks to firms.
* Stronger stakeholder relationships. Using renewable energy can strengthen a company’s image and relationships with its various stakeholders, including customers, local communities, employees, and shareholders.
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