Twenty-One US Cities to Disclose Carbon Output

Washington, DC (August 10, 2008)- The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability announced a partnership with 21 US cities to assist in the reporting of their greenhouse gas emissions and other relevant data. New York City is among the cities participating, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “The City of New York joins the world’s leading corporations in providing a complete, accurate accounting of its carbon emissions, the strategies it is employing to mitigate those emissions, and the results of its efforts through the Carbon Disclosure Project and ICLEI… Working together, and with the best data, we can manage this problem, and leave our children and grandchildren a healthier and more sustainable planet.”

Seventy percent of global carbon emissions come from cities and once their leading CO2 emitters are identified, energy-efficiency companies will have a multitude of opportunities to help cities minimize their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. Paul Dickinson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project, said, “Cities compete in the market for business, investment, talent, all sorts of things, and finding ways to profit by tackling climate change can make them attractive.”
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