UN Reports on How Climate Change May Affect Jobs

Geneva (November 12, 2007)- UN officials reported that millions of jobs could be lost due to climate change, but that in the meantime jobs will be created in the environmental technology sector as industries work to avoid and lessen the effects of climate change.

Speaking to diplomats, trade unionists and business representatives at the International Labour Organization, members of the United Nations Environment Program and World Meteorological Organization spoke of how climate change could cause several industries to experience huge employment losses. Specifically, jobs could be lost in the world’s fisheries and the tourism industry, as well as from people being displaced by the effects of climate change.
However, UN officials also spoke of the wave of employment that could happen as a result of companies working to reduce the effects of climate change. “Global warming and the need to respond to climate change is becoming a major impulse for innovation and efficiency gains,” said UN Environment Program Executive Director Achim Steiner.
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