US Mayors Seek $4 Billion Grant to Fight Global Warming

Washington, DC (January 25, 2007)- Over 260 of the nation’s mayors wrapped up the 75th Winter Meeting of the US Conference of Mayors with a call for a $4 billion Energy and Environmental Block Grant to help cities combat global warming by increasing community energy efficiencies. This action stems directly from the creation of the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in 2005, which now consists of more than 393 mayors from all 50 states including the District of Columbia. Mayors affiliated with this group have pledged to take actions to cut their emissions in line with the Kyoto Protocols.

At a recent news conference, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, one of the founders of the Climate Protection Agreement, also announced the Mayors Climate Campaign for 2007. This effort will press the 110th Congress to establish a national cap on GHG emissions and a flexible market-based system of tradable allowances as well as to pass climate-friendly energy and transportation policies.
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