World Mayors Hold Climate Summit in New York

New York (May 15, 2007)- Mayors, business leaders, and environmental experts from global cities gathered in New York City from May 14 to 17 for the 2007 C40 Large Cities Climate Summit to pursue joint efforts to combat global warming while insuring economic benefits for cities.

In almost every panel and plenary discussion, a common theme was reiterated: We must think big, share information, act fearlessly, and commit ourselves unstintingly to combating global warming for the sake of the future. If we take command of the situation now, with all the boldness and creativity it merits, there’s still time to save the earth-and all that’s worth saving in our current way of life.
On the final day of the C40 Large Cities leadership summit the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, Chair of the C40 called on national governments to empower and enable cities to tackle climate change in a joint communiqué agreed by all attending cities.
The Mayor also announced that the city of Seoul was chosen by all the 40 cities as the next city to host the C40 summit within the next 2 years. Before the next summit, specific conferences will be hosted on key issues. The city of Los Angeles will host a workshop on tackling carbon from ground based airport emissions. Rotterdam will host a conference and develop an information exchange on reducing emissions from ports and ships. London will host a workshop on tackling traffic congestion.
Mayor Livingstone said: “We state clearly that major cities are ready to take up the lead in tackling climate change. They are all ready, willing and able to implement radical emission reduction programs.”
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