Ask Your Senator to Support City Forests in the Economic Stimulus

Call to Action
Washington, DC (February 2, 2009)- Did you know that Urban and Community Forestry Programs stand to benefit from economic stimulus legislation? The House bill approved last month provides $550 million for US Forest Service State and Private Forestry programs, which includes specific support for city forest enhancements.

Unfortunately, the Senate bill now under consideration does not include similar language in support of Urban and Community Forestry. We need your help to tell the Senate to provide $550 million for US Forest Service State and Private Forestry Programs, of which $150 million should be directed in support of city forest enhancements.
Investments in green infrastructure will provide good, green jobs at all skill levels, improve the environment, and support neighborhood stabilization in communities nationwide.
The Senate is debating the stimulus this week and hopes to bring the legislation to vote quickly. After that, House and Senate negotiators will iron out the differences between the two bills. Legislation is moving fast. Please contact your U.S. Senators and Congressional representatives and alert them to the importance of city forests in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
We know city trees can help heal our environment, restore the fabric of neighborhoods, and bring people together to take positive action during these unprecedented and challenging times – but we need YOUR help to make our collective voice heard.
Templates, bill language, and examples from urban forestry stakeholders appear below. Time is of the essence – CALL or FAX your elected officials today.
Please let ACT know about the action you take so we can track activity. We’ll post a copy of your letter on this website if you email or fax us a copy. Contact ACT at 301-277-0040 if you have questions.
Urban Forestry Analysis of Stimulus Bill
Template for Senate Support Letter
Template for House Support Letter
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