Continuing Resolution Funds FY 2007 Budget

Washington, DC (February 1, 2007)- The House passed a joint resolution (HJ Res20) on January 31, providing $463.5 billion in appropriations for fiscal year 2007. The package funds most programs at 2006 levels with several exceptions, including increases in education, housing, and health programs.

All earmarks are eliminated by the continuing resolution. This presumably impacts several long-standing urban forestry earmarks for Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Otherwise, it is expected that the U&CF budget will be roughly level to 2006.
The resolution provided $1.8 billion, an increase of $70 million, to the Forest Service for wildland fire management. Congress awarded the increase because the agency would likely have to borrow funds from other critical Forest Service program areas in order to meet the cost of Summer 2007 fire season.
The resolution also provided increases to Department of Energy for research, including increased research on biomass and biofuels.
Continuing Resolution Summary (PDF)