Economic Stimulus Effects on Conservation Programs

College Park, MD (March 5, 2009)- Many of you have asked ACT about the stimulus or been asked by state and regional officials to submit plans of action for green projects that would create jobs. It remains to be seen whether the Forest Service will be able to fund urban forestry projects with stimulus dollars. The agency has received many urban proposals, revealing the capacity, demand, and ready network available through the urban forestry program. It still remains a good idea to keep your state forester and regional forester informed about your shovel ready projects in the event funds become available.

ACT will continue to advocate for the role that urban forestry projects can play in achieving ecosystem restoration and job creation goals called for in the stimulus. In the meantime, we have been working with our partners in the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition to identify other toeholds of opportunity for conservation projects within the stimulus plan.
Here is summary of potential funding opportunities presented in the economic stimulus, provided courtesy of National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD). Programs are by department and agency and include information on funding available as well as the accompanying report language. Also included are general provisions on how the funding must be implemented, and a timeline.
The intent is to distribute this information to ACT member organizations to help answer the question we have been getting, “What is in the economic stimulus for conservation groups?”. Keep in mind these are potential opportunities, and many decisions remain to be made at the federal and state level on how these programs will be implemented.
If you have projects that are a fit for any of these programs, time is of the essence. Let the relevant program officer know what you can do, when you can do it, and how what you do fits their program goals.
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