Farm Bill Comments Posted by USDA

On March 29th, Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced that the USDA completed a summary of the public comments submitted verbally and in writing during USDA’s Farm Bill Forum listening tour. The agency conducted 66 hours of listening sessions across the country in 52 forums and accepted additional comment in writing. The summaries will serve as a basis for USDA policy review and analysis in preparation for the 2007 farm bill.

The effort to categorize the comments led to the development of 41 general subject areas.
These papers are strictly summaries of the opinions and suggestions of those who submitted public comment. The Forestry Title is the section of the Farm Bill that authorizes forestry programs. The Forest Service has expressed its support for creating a Forestry Title in the 2007 Farm Bill, which is the first hurdle to addressing any forestry related programs within the Farm Bill.
Public comments specific to Urban and Community Forestry are contained in the Forestry Title subject paper.
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