Partner Caucus Submits Testimony on FLAME Act

Washington, DC (July 21 2009)- Alliance for Community Trees supported testimony delivered today by Leah MacSwords, President of the National Association of State Foresters, in support of the Federal Land Assistance, Management and Enhancement Act (FLAME Act).

The FLAME Act provides solutions to budgeting and accounting requirements regarding emergency fire suppression. In the past the Forest Service has borrowed funds from program accounts to fund fire suppression, causing delays and difficulties for program delivery which negatively impacted state partners, nonprofit and community partners, and delayed forest restoration work on the ground. The FLAME Act provides important structural solutions that will improve delivery of all Forest Service programs, including Urban and Community Forestry. ˇAlliance for Community Trees is part of a large coalition of forestry organizations aligned in support of the recommendations of the Partner Caucus on Fire Spending Solutions.
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