Save the Forest Service Budget

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Washington, DC (March 19, 2007)- The President’s budget for the Forest Service includes a cut of 38% to the popular Urban and Community Forestry Program (U&CF). If enacted, this would provide only $17.4 million nationwide for the U&CF program, far less than at any time in the program’s history since 1990.

U&CF serves all states and territories by providing technical and financial assistance delivered via state forestry agencies. If you have ever received technical assistance from a state forester or a cost-share grant from your state forestry office, you’ve benefited from the federal U&CF program.
Unfortunately, the U&CF program is at grave risk in FY 2008. Funding cuts can be averted with help from Congress, IF lawmakers hear from you. This March and early April, please take action to contact your House and Senate members. It really makes a difference for your elected officials to hear from you, the constituent, about the essential value of trees to urban life.
The Forest Service has a unique leadership role to play in providing research, technical tools, management models, and cooperative assistance to states and localities. Both the U&CF Program and the different Forest Service Research Units that conduct urban forest research need advocacy support to survive.
How to Help:
1) Take action by signing onto ACT’s coalition letter of support for the U&CF program.
2) Then, write a letter and schedule a meeting with the local district office for your elected officials.
3) Last, encourage your friends, volunteers, and colleagues to take action by writing a letter. You can use the templates provided to draft a letter on behalf of an individual or an organization.
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