ACT Receives $500,000 from National Tree Trust

Beltsville, MD (April 20, 2006)- ACT today announced that it received $500,000 from the National Tree Trust to provide grants and technical assistance to its member organizations. Funds will support capacity building and grants to community-based nonprofits.

“The grassroots nature of what ACT does is very compelling, and they are going to be great at actually getting trees in the ground,” said Don Glendenning, an attorney in Dallas who serves as a director of the Trust. “The whole notion of inclusiveness and of tying together all the many local and regional tree organizations is terrific and is something the Tree Trust very much admires.”
ACT will award $350,000 of the grant funds directly to local organizations through a competitive process, said Executive Director Alice Ewen Walker. The remaining $150,000 will be used by ACT for general support and for technical assistance that builds the capacity of local organizations. “This grant will help us make great strides in increasing local organizations’ ability to recruit and retain volunteers, build effective organizations, and improve the environment where 82.6 percent of Americans live: in our cities, towns and villages,” she said.
By April 2006, ACT’s 75 member organizations – known as the National NeighborWoods Network – have planted and cared for 7.8 million trees with help from 450,000 volunteers.
This recent grant – as well as other funding ACT receives from The Home Depot Foundation and others – will also enable the organization to promote its second annual National NeighborWoods Month, in October 2006.
“NeighborWoods Month allows us to highlight the fast-growing regreening movement taking place in communities all across the country,” Walker said. “It enables us to showcase the success our member organizations are having in reversing the trend of tree loss due to disaster, disease, development and neglect.” In 2005, NeighborWoods organizations in cities as ecologically diverse as Des Moines, Albuquerque, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Baton Rouge held NeighborWoods Month events that drew thousands of volunteers.
More information on ACT, its mission and its members can be found at
Press Release (PDF).