New Orleans to Celebrate National NeighborWoods Month

Sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation
New Orleans – October 1, 2006. Baptist Crossroads Foundation today announced that it will plant/maintain 62 trees as part of their Florida Housing/Katrina Rebuilding Planting. This event is one of more than 100 regreening efforts throughout the country being promoted during October, which has been declared National NeighborWoods Month by the national nonprofit, the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). Baptist Crossroads Foundation is a member of ACT’s NeighborWoods Network.

Inspired by a vision and stirred by Mayor Ray Nagin’s words that “home ownership is the most important factor in lifting a family out of poverty,” this project will provide shade for 40 affordable homes in the Upper Ninth Ward by planting and caring for 62 trees and engaging more than 1,792 volunteer hours. Prior to planting and maintenance, the LSU Agriculture Center will train volunteers.
The Ninth Ward in New Orleans is a neighborhood of fond memories for many former residents. Unfortunately, for a large number of those who now live in what is the city’s largest municipal subdivision, their days are punctuated by violence, drugs, and poverty. Their neighborhood cries from neglect. In this neighborhood, the residents are predominantly African-American families of five or more, 60% are school-aged children, and the average household income is $12,210.
“It’s great to be working on an important regreening effort at a time when other organizations are doing so as well,” said Mike Flores. “Part of our goal is to draw attention to the good work being done at the grassroots level all across the country to improve urban and community forests.”
Baptist Crossroads Foundation’s celebration will take place as follows:
Oct 20, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Oct 21, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Right of way between Alvar and N. Roman Sts.
Read the full Baptist Crossroads press release. (PDF)