Sacramento to Celebrate National NeighborWoods Month

(Sacramento, California) Sacramento Tree Foundation today announced that they and seven local neighborhood organizations will join with the County of Sacramento, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, California Department of Forestry, Golden One Credit Union, and California ReLeaf to plant trees 300 trees as part of the Arden Arcade Street Tree Program.

This event is one of dozens of re-greening efforts throughout the country being promoted during October, which has been declared National NeighborWoods Month by the national nonprofit, the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). Sacramento Tree Foundation is a member of ACT’s NeighborWoods Network.
“It’s great to be working on an important re-greening effort at a time when other organizations are doing so as well,” said Ray Tretheway, Executive Director of Sacramento Tree Foundation. “Part of our goal is to draw attention to the good work being done at the grassroots level all across the country to improve urban and community forests.”
The original street trees planted 50 years ago have died or are in decline, many of which were short-lived species such as Modesto and Ash trees. Without these trees the ramifications would undoubtedly be: higher energy costs, less efficient stormwater management, and less safe neighborhoods for children to play, to say little of the empirical evidence linking tree-lined neighborhoods with lower crime and healthier residents. The Arden Arcade Street Tree Program plan is to plant mature shade trees to last longer. This planting and tree care program is an expansion of the successful planting campaign in Arden Park that residents started under the leadership of Alan Hirsch with help from the Sacramento Tree Foundation in 2002. To date, over 1,000 street trees have been planted.
“This scale of this effort would not have been possible without key partnerships.” said Alan Hirsch of the Arden Park Neighborhood Organization. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is a community-owned electricity provider that has partnered with Sacramento Tree Foundation on previous projects designed in part to conserve energy. Golden One Credit Union, will provide funding to local businesses. “The critical partners are the neighborhood organizations.” said Michael DeSantis, NeighborWoods Coordinator of Sacramento Tree Foundation. “They provide the leadership and routine maintenance that only a local effort can sustain.”
NeighborWoods Month is sponsored with a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation.
Sacramento Tree Foundation’s celebration will take place as follows:
Arden Arcade Street Tree Program
Date: October 30, 2005
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Arden Park at 100 La Sierra
Participants: Sacramento Tree Foundation, County of Sacramento, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, California Department of Forestry, Golden One Credit Union, California ReLeaf, and the Neighborhood Organizations of: Camino, Del Paso Manner, Country Club Estates, Garden of the Gods, Arden Park, Arden Manor, and Santa Anita.
“We’re thrilled to have Sacramento Tree Foundation participate in our first-ever NeighborWoods Month,” said ACT Executive Director Alice Ewen Walker. ACT has been in existence since 1993 as a problem-solving center for leaders of community-based urban forestry groups. Its founders share a vision of healthy, functioning urban ecosystems nurtured by a broad base of community stewards. Today, ACT is a growing alliance of 68 nonprofit organizations engaged in urban and community forestry. Its members are dedicated to grassroots community greening, public education, policymaking, job training, environmental design and other activities that support better urban forest stewardship.
Kelly Caffarelli, executive director of The Home Depot Foundation, said “We are excited to partner with ACT on this initiative. Our foundation works with affordable housing and tree planting organizations across the country to promote livable, healthy and affordable communities. This partnership provides a terrific opportunity to further our goals.”
The Home Depot Foundation invests in nonprofit organizations that are in the business of building better communities. The Home Depot and many of the suppliers who help fill the company’s shelves contribute to The Home Depot Foundation to help fulfill their shared vision of creating stronger, healthier neighborhoods. The Foundation focuses its efforts in the areas of affordable, efficient and healthy housing production and rehabilitation and tree planting to restore urban and rural forests. See for more information.
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Michael DeSantis
October 18, 2005
Sacramento Tree Foundation
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Sacramento to Celebrate National NeighborWoods Month
Sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation