Support a Local Organization

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Do you want cleaner air, greener streets, and healthier neighborhoods? Think local.

Start putting trees to work where you live, work, and play. Support a local urban forestry or greening organization in your neighborhood or larger community.  Trees are one of the best “home improvement” investments you can make.  Trees clean the air, keep us cool, reduce the need for energy, improve neighborhood safety, make us healthier, and lots more.

Make a contribution to an ACTrees local member organization or a TreeBank branch.

1. Identify the local organization that best matches where you’d like to put your dollars and make an impact. To do that, view a listing of ACTrees member organizations and TreeBank branches. This includes a description of their activities and a website address.

2. Once you’ve selected a local organization where you want to make a donation, go to ACTrees donate page.

3. Select the dollar amount you’d like to donate.

4. Under “Program Designation,” select “Individual Contribution.”

5. In the “Dedication” box, type in the name of the organization you’d like to donate “on behalf of.”

6. Complete your contact information and send.

That’s it. Thank you!