National NeighborWoods Month- October 2006
a national campaign to regreen America's cities
Alliance for Community Trees
National NeighborWoods Month is here!

In this issue:

*    Member Focus.
*    Highlights of the weekend activities (10/28 and 10/29).
*    Events 10/23- 10/27.
*    Mini-Grant Spotlight.

Member Focus:  The Greening of Detroit

The Emerald Ash Borer has affected millions of ash trees in Michigan.  This exotic boring insect has already killed more than 50,000 ash street trees in the City of Detroit.  Since September 2005, The Greening of Detroit, City of Detroit, and Department of Natural Resources have coordinated efforts to combat this deadly pest by removing and replacing ash trees.  Already hundreds of trees have been replaced through their collaboration.

The Greening of Detroit is celebrating NeighborWoods Month with NeighborWoods plantings every weekend in neighborhoods through the City of Detroit.  Each street tree planting focuses on replacing trees that have been lost to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Neighborhoods to be improved in October include: North Rosedale, Vernor Street, Heidelberg Pocket Park, Gabriel Richard Park (part of the Detroit Riverfront Riverwalk), Rosemont Acacia Park (Flintstone Park in the Rosemont Acacia Neighborhood), Belle Isle, Baldwin & Seyburn Streets, and St. Charles Church. 

                 Join us!

To best promote the good work of your organization as part of the national movement, and make the case that urban forestry is thriving, we need to hear from you.  It's not too late to host a NeighborWoods Month event.

NeighborWoods Month celebrates volunteerism and community revitalization.  It is a great way to draw attention to the value of trees and invest in the overall health and success of our communities.

How else can ACT help?

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Saturday, October 28

*  St. John's Planting Day (Los Angeles, CA)
    Enhance the health of the landmark fig tree & property.

*  Jean Lafitte Town Hall (Jean Lafitte, LA)
    Help with hurricane recovery at this town hall.

*  Celebration and Tree Distribution (Shreveport, LA)
    Coordinated effort to revitalize the MLK neighborhood.

*  Mt. Carmel Planting/Mulching Day (Kansas City, MO)
    Plant 50 trees at the Heathwood KaBOOM! playground.

*  Single Increment Demonstration (San Jose, CA)
    Plant trees with Our City Forest.

*  North Rosedale Community Planting (Detroit, MI)
    130 trees to replace those lost to Emerald Ash Borer.

*  Adamsville Neighborhood Planting (Atlanta, GA)
    First tree plantings of the 2006/2007 season!

*  Avondale Neighborhood Planting (Atlanta, GA)
    First tree plantings of the 2006/2007 season!

*  California Master Planting (Oakland, CA)
    Plant 20 trees and learn about caring for trees.

*  Steward Education Workshop (Wilmington, DE)
    Raise awareness about the value of the urban forest.

*  Elementary School Workshop (Houston, TX)
    Hands-on planting with Trees for Houston.

*  Stewardship Planting (Asheville, NC)
Plant trees with Quality Forward and the Boy Scouts.

*  Poudre River Tree Maintainenance (Ft. Collins, CO)
    Join TWP and REI to maintain 100 trees.

*  Petworth Tree Planting (Washington, DC)
    Plant 27 trees with Casey Trees.

*  Slither & Crawl Harvest Hike (Southlake, TX)
    Third annual hike, crafts, and storytelling exhibit.

*  Pleasantville Neighborhood (Houston, TX)
    Trees for Houston & Memorial High will plant 100 trees.

*  TreeKeeper Class (Chicago, IL)
    At the Westside NeighborWoods Tree Garden.

*  Spruce Hill Fall Planting (Philadelphia, PA)
    UC Green will plant 20 trees in West Philadelphia.

*  Longfellow Creek NeighborWoods (Seattle, WA)
    Plant 50 trees to help control erosion and pollution.

*  East Biloxi/Pass Christian Reforestation (Biloxi, MS)
    322 native trees at six hurricane-impacted locations.

*  Fall Tree Sale (Baton Rouge, LA)
    2,000 trees and 70 species will be available.

Sunday, October 29

*  Fall Tree Sale (Baton Rouge, LA)
    Selection to include LA native, fruit, and flowering trees.

The Home Depot Foundation and USDA Forest Service are the national sponsors for NeighborWoods Month 2006.

Events 10/23- 10/27.

October 23.
*    Communiversity Tree Training (Kansas City, MO)

October 24.
*    Planting Peace (Boston, MA).
*    Communiversity Tree Training (Kansas City, MO).
*    Commemorative Oaks (Calabasas, CA).
*    Class IV: Tree Problems and Graduation (Houston, TX).

October 26.
*    Irvington Charter School (Indianapolis, IN).
*    Morrill Middle School Planting (San Jose, CA).
*    Our Woodland Legacy: Annual Banquet (Cedar Rapids, IA).

October 27.
*    MLK Neighborhood: Southern University Oaks (Shreveport, LA).
*    MLK Neighborhood: Newton Smith Elementary School (Shreveport, LA).
*    MLK Neighborhood: Martin Luther King Drive (Shreveport, LA).
*    Our Woodland Legacy: Symposium (Cedar Rapids, IA).
*    East Biloxi and Pass Christian Reforestation Project (Biloxi, MS).

For the full schedule and details, go to NeighborWoods Month Calendar.

Mini-Grant Spotlight

It's not too late to apply for a NeighborWoods Month Mini-Grant.  Make your NeighborWoods Month event really special.  During October, ACT is offering small cash grants and promotional materials to help your organization attract attention.  If you'd like to hire a professional photographer or videographer, pay for press release distribution, or provide other 'extras' that can help you garner attention or gain extra mileage from your event, the Mini-Grant is for you.  Mini-Grant recipients are notified within two days of ACT receiving your faxed application.

*    Delaware Center for Horticulture created large photo professional displays with their Mini-Grant.
*    Friends of Trees printed T-shirts for all participants in their Fun Run for Restoration.
*    UC Green used their Mini-Grant to customize the NeighborWoods banner and tool bags with logos.

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