13. Establish a NeighborWoods group

In every neighborhood there are numerous people interested in working to improve the local forest. Some are doing it. Some would like to start. Many do not realize the local forest needs their help. A NeighborWoods group unites these people and moves the cause forward.

Areas of Interest: Networking, Thinking, Investigating
Ingredients: Neighbors, telephone, pen and paper, ideas, enthusiasm
Directions: The first objective is to spread the word. Start by asking your neighbors and friends if they are interested in preserving and expanding their local forest. Then ask them who they know with the same interest. Keep a list of all names and telephone numbers.
Once you find a few people willing to begin working with you, set a meeting. Tell your neighbors about it. Create a flyer and circulate it. If you have one, begin sharing your email address, or create a web site for this blossoming venture.
When this group gets together, spend your initial meeting discussing possibilities. Share your loves and your concerns about your local forest. Take a walk together and find out what you collectively know. Be sure to share phone numbers and email addresses. Share this Guidebook and imagine what you might do together. Take notes and have a group member keep a binder of your activities. You will appreciate reflecting on these early efforts.