23. Conduct tree tours

Do your friends and neighbors know they live in a forest? Do you know people who are familiar with local trees, plants or birds? Assemble a group of varying ages for a special tour and watch their interest grow.

Areas of Interest: Looking Around, Networking, Teaching, Thinking, Investigating, Walking
Ingredients: Experience with your local forest, friends and neighbors, paper for flyers
Directions: Designate an area where you live with interesting and unusual trees. Learn the answers to the following questions:
* What tree species grow there?
* How do you identify each species?
* What are the unique colors and characteristics of each species?
* What types of birds and animals are drawn to your local trees?
* Which are the oldest trees? How old are they?
* What is the neighborhood tree planting history?
* How have these trees been used? (For example, medicines or foods?)
Do not expect yourself to be an expert! People will appreciate the opportunity to learn and explore as you share whatever information you have.
Once you have some answers, set a date and organize a walk. Invite kids, adults, business people, neighbors, and members of local community organizations.1 Once you have some experience, advertise a walk in your neighborhood for people you do not know. Create a flyer and distribute it.
When you are done, request feedback from the participants. Make this an opportunity to brainstorm projects you and your neighbors develop for your local forest.