24. Tell your stories

In your community, many people would love to hear about the work that you are doing. Sharing your success encourages others to continue in their work and inspires the creation of new projects and partnerships.

Areas of Interest: Networking, Teaching
Ingredients: Stories of local forest action, flyers of upcoming events or meetings, photographs or slides
Directions: Identify groups that meet regularly to address the needs of your community. Examples are your local PTA, neighborhood association, homeowners association, tenants association and neighborhood watch committee.
Start with one organization. Obtain its meeting dates and the president’s name. Contact the president, explain the work your organization is doing and ask if he or she would be interested in placing you on their meeting agenda to make a presentation.
When you make your presentation, offer a clear idea of how people can get involved. Distribute flyers for an upcoming project or meeting. Use photographs or slides to highlight your story. Share your excitement and create a clear image of your local forest efforts and goals.