2. Adopt a Tree

Every forest is a collection of trees. Old, young, tall, short… it’s easy to find a favorite. One of the best ways to appreciate your forest’s diversity is paying regular attention to one special tree.

Areas of Interest: Fun for Kids, Looking Around, Physical Labor
Ingredients: Warm heart, tree journal, mature or young tree
Directions: Choose a tree holding some unique appeal. It may be an old tree, a colorful tree, an unusual tree, or one recently planted. Consider giving it a name. Take steps to provide for its needs. In fact, pamper it. Take time to observe how it changes through the fall and the spring. Note the animals that visit, take nourishment or live in your tree.
Trees planted for special occasions may be some of the best trees to adopt.1 Marking a child’s birth by planting a tree provides an opportunity to take annual pictures of the child with the tree, marking his or her growth. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one or friend who has passed may create a living legacy. Celebrating a marriage, anniversary, or retirement with an appropriate tree also creates a lasting memory. A well-planted and cared for tree may be an ongoing reminder of the person or event for decades.
“You don’t need to know the name of a tree to love it.” –John Muir