30. Share your success with other communities

Stories of your success speak more clearly than the words in this Guidebook ever could. With your first-hand experience in caring for your local forest, you offer the spark to ignite action in other neighborhoods.

Areas of Interest: Networking, Teaching
Ingredients: Photographs of your group’s efforts, slide projector, photo album
Directions: Create a means for summarizing the success of your group. Remember, “A picture tells a thousand words.” Effective avenues include scrapbooks, slide shows, or PowerPoint presentations. Organize a set of photographs telling the story of what you and your neighbors have been doing. Capture the challenges you faced and the ways you overcame them. Finish with the challenges you continue to face.
Share your story with organizations in other communities. Welcome the invitations from other organizations inspired by your success. Let the Alliance for Community Trees know you have developed a presentation. We will connect you with other communities who can benefit from your wisdom and experience.