3. Ask children to describe a tree

Children are extraordinary teachers. They call it as they see it. Children often see things adults never notice. Imagine what they see in a tree.

Areas of Interest: Fun for Kids, Looking Around, Teaching
Ingredients: Patience, imagination, curiosity, tree journal
Ask your son, daughter, cousin, grandchild, sister or brother, niece or nephew, neighbor, student, or other young person for some of their time and insight. Explain that you are in the process of learning about trees and you want their expert perspective. Invite them to walk outside and share one of their favorite trees with you.
Ask your young teacher to share what they like about trees. Inquire why they like specific trees. Invite them to speculate how our lives would be different without trees (resist playing the instructor, at least for a while). Ask the child to write in your tree journal and invite them to start their own.
Once your conversation is over, invite them to join you in cooking another recipe from this Guidebook. Try to engage as many junior arborists as possible.