9. Landscape your school or place of worship

Our local schools and places of worship manage vegetated and canopied lands totaling thousands of acres. Sometimes these grounds are excellent models of quality planting and stewardship…too often they are not. Whether the location is for learning or prayer, the mind and the spirit benefit from a well-maintained, natural environment.

Areas of Interest: Looking Around, Networking, Physical Labor
Ingredients: Ideas to share, flowers, shrubs, young trees, gardening tools, irrigation
Directions: Call your local principal or spiritual leader’s office to determine whether they have a building and grounds committee. Assuming one exists, attend one of their meetings or meet individually with committee members and identify their current projects. If you have the opportunity, become a member.
In addition to working towards quality care of the grounds, create opportunities to publicize the committee’s work. A tree planting project on your site offers participants terrific educational benefits. As a volunteer landscaper or steward, you will gain firsthand experience caring for your environment and your community.
If a building and grounds committee does not exist, solicit support for the creation of one. Odds are the principal or spiritual leader will like the idea as long as someone else assumes the responsibility. Speak with others to assess the degree of interest. The more vision and imagination you bring to this, the more excitement and support you will elicit from those around you. Focus on one project requiring many contributors and large benefits. When you have some success, expand your efforts.