Many cities have lost more than a third of their forest canopy in recent decades. So in 2005, with generous support from The Home Depot Foundation, the Alliance for Community Trees launched its National NeighborWoods Program – dedicated to helping communities restore tree canopy.

Urban forestry is simply about trees in places where people live.
Ultimately, conservation is about empowering citizens to improve the communities where they live and work. The Alliance for Community Trees is the only national organization working to improve the urban forests where 80% of Americans live- our cities, towns, and villages. ACT’s national office assembles coalitions that drive broad environmental success for our more than 180 organizations in 41 states in the pursuit of Clean Air, Green Streets, and Healthy Neighborhoods.
Do you plant, preserve, train, or educate? Join our national coalition to:

  • Share resources and ideas
  • Access grants and online fundraising
  • Shape national policy- be part of a larger voice
  • Get NeighborWoods planning tools
  • Receive research and funding updates
  • Join a successful peer community
  • Promote a common agenda for trees
  • NeighborWoods inspires citizens to take action to plant and care for trees to improve their communities. The National NeighborWoods Program supports local partners with training, technical assistance, marketing tools, and project grants to encourage the involvement of volunteers in the hands-on restoration of urban forests. NeighborWoods programs improve both the environment and the social fabric of neighborhoods, spurring community development and supporting healthier, livable communities.
    So far, the National NeighborWoods Program has:

  • Awarded over $1.2 million in NeighborWoods Grants to nonprofit organizations to organize volunteers to replant entire communities with trees. Grants help communities that need financial assistance the most. Projects are delivered through diverse community partnerships that include conservation groups, affordable housing organizations, community development partners and others.
  • Trained 200 community organizers at ACT’s National NeighborWoods Academy about successful program models, best practices for nonprofit management, and how to organize volunteers for tree planting and environmental stewardship.
  • Launched an annual national awareness campaign- NeighborWoods Month- that sparked 825 tree planting and educational events in 266 cities.
  • Published a NeighborWoods Organizer’s Guidebook and NeighborWoods Month Partner Kit to make NeighborWoods easy to deliver in any community.
  • Created the National NeighborWoods Network, an electronic community for local organizers to collaborate and share success strategies.
  • “We have been getting so much great information and resources from ACT. We are really thrilled with our membership and the benefits we’ve gotten from it.”
    – Sharon DiLorenzo, Program Manager, Capital District Community Gardens
    “Alliance for Community Trees – invigorating, rewarding – a place to share ideas and resources and a collective voice.”
    – Janette Monear, Executive Director, Texas Trees Foundation
    “We are really pleased with the amazing amount of support we receive from ACT.”
    – Andrew Hart, Director of Urban Forestry, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
    At this moment, homeowners, elected leaders, municipal staff, developers, and others demand real solutions for how they can contribute towards a greener, more sustainable environment. Join the most innovative nonprofit tree conservation organization in the country to influence how healthy urban forests are part of the solution to seeding great communities.
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    The Alliance for Community Trees is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (EIN # 68-0319301), and also participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC # 12402). To discuss planned giving opportunities, call us at 301-277-0040.