Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Say you are a musician on tour, a researcher who needs to attend a conference on the opposite coast, or you are just making your daily Beltway commute, you’re probably more aware of your carbon impact these days. Since ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many of us have become more sensitized to the serious threats of climate change. With the dramatic weather patterns that most of the country is feeling- both in the winter and summer (and shortening of spring and fall), you’re probably all too aware of the amount of energy you’re using to stay warm or cool, respectively. Luckily, there are several carbon curbing solutions. One is to plant a tree.

This interactive form will help you calculate the amount of carbon that your household is responsible for releasing through energy use and other activities. Take five minutes to determine your impact on global warming, and then five more minutes to do something about it by supporting trees in urban areas. The World Resources Institute does not necessarily endorse any specific offset, green tag, or renewable energy credit (REC) providers (including the Alliance for Community Trees).

SafeClimate Calculator Using IFRAME