2007 NeighborWoods Month Photo Contest Winners Announced

College Park, MD (December 31, 2007)- Congratulations to The Greening of Detroit (Detroit, MI) for the winning NeighborWoods Month photo! The photographer, hired through a NeighborWoods Month Mini-Grant, was Santa Fabio. This photo best captured the spirit of volunteerism that thrives in NeighborWoods programs across the nation. The photograph hooked the judges for its heartfelt atmosphere- a girl scout troop planting street trees on Daddy-Daughter Day.

1st Place:
This picture was snapped at The Greening of Detroit’s October 20th NeighborWoods Month event, one of six community plantings hosted by The Greening in partnership with the City of Detroit’s Next Detroit Initiative. The six events planted 500 trees with 1,000 volunteers. These plantings synced up well with ACT’s three NeighborWoods Month focus categories.

Partnership with affordable housing or Improving underserved communities
The Next Detroit Neighborhood Initiative (NDNI) is a five-year strategy designed to improve the quality of life in six neighborhoods- East English Village, Osborn, North End, Brightmoor, 7 Mile-Livernois, and Grand River-Greenfield- by coordinating city services around the neighborhood work plans and leveraging private investment in the targeted communities.
Sustainable and efficient practices
The public-private investment needed to execute the Next Detroit Neighborhood Initiative is estimated at $225 million. Mayor Kilpatrick said the city is currently exploring the possibility of creating a Foundation-led Investment Vehicle as an unprecedented approach to leveraging public resources with private investment. Using a tool called Drilldown, the nonpartisan, not-for-profit research organization Social Compact concluded that city neighborhoods are home to larger markets than previously understood and the city has a greater income density, signaling greater buying power in Detroit.
Healthy trees/healthy communities
NDNI refers to the Detroit after the transformation of City government. It is the Detroit of the future. To handle the green infrastructure component of NDNI, Mayor Kilpatrick called up The Greening of Detroit.

2nd Place: RNeighbors. The Home Depot joined in the fun at one of seven NeighborWoods Month events hosted by RNeighbors. In total, they planted 220 residential trees during October.

3rd Place: Trees Indiana. Trees Indiana sponsored six Tree Steward training classes and TreeKeeper plantings during October. Pictured here are the McCormick Boys & Girls Club and Brookmill Boys & Girls Club TreeKeepers.

Honorable Mentions:
a. Sacramento Tree Foundation- Executive Director, Ray Tretheway, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Wangari Maathai.
b. The Greening of Detroit- Volunteers sign-in prior to tree planting.


Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the contest!