29th Street Neighborhoods Build a Playground

By Lauren Burgoyne
Tucson, AZ (April 30, 2009)- Hundreds of volunteers are rolling up their sleeves to transform a plot of dirt into a playground for a southside neighborhood. But what’s truly amazing is the fact they’re building it all in a day. The 29th Street Coalition Weed and Seed competed with communities from all over the country for a 61 thousand dollar grant from the Home Depot Foundation, which partners with the non-profit organization KaBoom to build playgrounds.

Hundreds of volunteers are signed up to construct the 25 hundred foot state of the art play area that is nestled in Swan Park near Swan and 27th Street. ?While the playground will be a gift for everyone; Vicki Mesimer made the dream a reality. Mesimer wanted to give back to her community that has overcome crime and drug problems, so she wrote a request for a grant… Once she got the funds, the pieces began to fall into place. The 5th Ward Council Office donated several thousand dollars to get the project off the ground. Students from Myers and Roberts Elementary Schools scrounged 500 dollars worth of pennies to help pay for the trees at the playground. Countless of organizations are donating materials or sweat to the job done.
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