40,500 Trees Planted During 2011 National NeighborWoodsTM Month

College Park, MD (November 8, 2011)- More than 27,000 volunteers in cities across the country pitched in and got dirty to help plant 40,500 trees this October during 2011 National NeighborWoodsTM Month. Organized by Alliance for Community Trees and sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, TD Bank, and Boise ASPEN’s Project UP, National NeighborWoodsTM Month brings together local nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and other partners to plant and maintain trees, and provide training and educational seminars.

“This year’s outstanding NeighborWoodsTM Month celebration is a reflection of a growing movement for green cities. Dozens of major cities have declared city-wide tree canopy goals, involving residents and the private sector to plant and care for trees,” said Carrie Gallagher, executive director of Alliance for Community Trees. “People everywhere are looking for simple, affordable ways to go green and improve their communities. Just by shading a home, energy use can be cut by a third. The same shade tree will clean the air and enhance your home’s curb appeal. These are benefits everyone appreciates.”

At over 800 events across the country during National NeighborWoodsTM Month, average people took action to strengthen their communities and address pressing concerns through smart solutions like trees and green infrastructure. They measurably improved their quality of life with every tree they planted. Here’s just a small look at the impact of National NeighborWoodsTM Month:
* Americans donated 81,000 hours of their time, at a value of over $1.7 million
* The trees planted will capture over 18.6 million gallons of stormwater runoff every year
* The trees planted will remove over 500 tons of air pollutants annually
* Air pollution and stormwater management savings will total over $450,000 each year

Beyond these infrastructure savings, trees have remarkable economic, environmental, and health benefits for our communities. For example:
* Just three strategically placed trees can decrease utility bills by up to 50%
* Childhood asthma rates are lower in neighborhoods with healthy tree cover
* Planting trees at residential homes can increase property values by 10% or more
* An acre of trees each year absorbs the amount of carbon produced by driving a car 26,000 miles

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