A memorial garden provides a place for reflection

Columbia, MO (May 16, 2007)- Would you like to remember special people and pets in a unique way? Consider planting a memorial garden. For many of us, the way to deal with grief is in our own backyards. The act of pulling weeds is like pulling out sorrow and the signs of new growth are a rebirth of hope.

A good memorial garden needs a focal point to give people something to focus on as one sits and thinks. It could be something as simple as a sculpture or even a tree. If you don’t have room for an actual garden, the tree or a long-lived perennial can serve as the focal point. Whatever is chosen, keep in mind why and for whom it is being planted. Even if the garden is small, everything placed there will have a special meaning. Planning and looking at options becomes a creative and positive act that will help the healing begin.
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