ACT Launches Discussion Forum

College Park, MD (July 21, 2008)- Today, the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) launched a new listserv discussion tool that gives members exciting capabilities to stay in touch and network within the NeighborWoods Network. Through this discussion list, we hope to more quickly and thoroughly answer questions about local programs and national trends.

The idea is that by sharing the innovative ideas and organized approaches of successful organizations, projects, and models, we advance together and minimize requirements such as time and resources. As they say, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” That’s the NeighborWoods Network at work!
Together, we create a strong voice on behalf of the urban forest. We can make a great difference in the health, beauty, and livability of our communities! We can strengthen communities by offering action-oriented approaches that bring people together around a common purpose!
This new Discussion Forum is separate from the Network Update. The Discussion Form is for ACT Members only; the Network Update is for the general urban and community forestry community. To find out how to subscribe to either, contact Jared Liu, Director of Programs.
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