ACTrees and Home Gardening Products Announce Discount on “Treegators”

College Park, MD (October 9, 2012) – ACTrees is pleased to announce that Home Gardening Products is offering ACTrees members and National NeighborWoodsTM Month participants an additional 15% discount off the “Treegator,” the portable irrigation system for trees.

Treegator is a portable, zip-up bag which is positioned around the base of the tree trunk. The bag holds 20 gallons of water, and slowly releases the water over a 12-hour period. This gives the newly-planted tree’s root system a gentle but deep saturation, so that most new trees only require watering once a week. The bags are reusable and weigh very little when empty for easy storage.

To receive Treegator at an additional 15% off the current sale price of $21.99, click here for the Treegator Offer. After adding Treegators to your cart ($100 minimum order, which is six), add the coupon code “ACTrees2012” (no space), and click apply to enact the discount.

There is no limit to the number of orders you may place, but each new order must be at least $100 in value.  Larger orders get quantity discounts, and the ACTrees special 15% discount applies to these orders, too!

Thanks, Home Gardening Products!