Americans Unite to Plant 45,000 Trees in Cities Across the Country

October’s 2012 National NeighborWoods Month Results Are In

College Park, MD (November 12, 2012) – Amid the flury of election season, citizens united for trees. Over 23,000 volunteers took action for greener communities during October, planting 45,000 trees in more than 290 communities nationwide as part of Alliance for Community Trees’ National NeighborWoods™ Month.

Organized by Alliance for Community Trees and sponsored by Boise ASPEN Project UP, TD Bank, and CSX, National NeighborWoods™ Month celebrates trees in communities.

More than 200 local nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and other partners engaged the public to plant, care for, and educate about trees, holding 825 events across the country throughout the month.

“2012 NeighborWoods™ Month results demonstrate growing awareness around the economic and environmental value of diverse and well-planned tree cover in our cities and towns,” says Carrie Gallagher, Alliance for Community Trees executive director.

Each year, the 45,000 trees planted this October are estimated to:

  • capture 23.1 million gallons of storm water runoff,
  • dispose of over 660 tons of air pollutants, and
  • save cities nearly $600,000 in storm water management and air pollution costs.

“Trees motivate volunteers to take action,” says Gallagher. “Cities and citizens recognize trees are important capital assets. That’s why more communities are focused on growing and caring for their city’s tree canopy as a critical part of a sustainable future.”

Trees help cut energy costs, and serve to mitigate urban heat islands. Just three strategically placed trees can decrease utility bills by 50%. They raise property values, and help clean the air making for healthier and more livable cities.

Sponsors providing in-kind donations as part of National NeighborWoods™ Month include Corona Tools, Tec Labs Inc., Arborwear, and Home Gardening Products. And U.S. Forest Service Associate Chief Mary Wagner provided a video message to Americans urging them to “get involved, both personally and professionally” in NeighborWoods™ Month (see video). For information about 2012 National NeighborWoods™ Month, visit

About Alliance for Community Trees
Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and livability of cities by planting and caring for trees. With over 200 member and partner organizations in 44 states and Canada, ACTrees engages volunteers to take action to improve the environment where 93% of people live: in cities, towns, and metropolitan areas. Together ACTrees member organizations have planted and cared for more than 15 million trees with help from over 5 million volunteers. Learn more about our mission at

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