Austin Elementary Gets Shade For Playground And Portables

By Bettie Cross
Austin, TX (April 1, 2009)- One Austin elementary school will “go green” later this morning. Pleasant Hill Elementary in south Austin is one of only 13 sites nationwide that has been selected to be part of the “Trees for Success” tree-planting program. Starting at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, students and volunteers will be planting 50 donated trees on school grounds.

The 15-gallon trees at Pleasant Hill Elementary will provide shade to the playground and portables. 300 students will also learn how to plant and nurture trees and will be responsible for watering them throughout the year.
Planting these 50 trees is part of the Arbor Day Foundation and The Home Depot Foundation’s national “Trees for Success” tree-planting program. Pleasant Hill Elementary was selected from more than 200 schools, public parks, and affordable housing neighborhoods based on its need for trees, civic and local support, student involvement, plan for upkeep and location.
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